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2019 Sino-Dental exhibition in Beijing

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The end of wonderful Beijing exhibition.Thank you for your support

Let's review the highlights of this exhibition

Aicreate as a core member of CDIA,it is a great honor to attend the grand award ceremony.  I believe that under the leadership of CDIA and with our innovative spirit and strength.    Will provide better products and services for dental market.

Aicreate Intraoral camera has received the highly attention of customers once be shown at the exhibition. Not only is the picture clear, but the unique patented function of our intraoral camera also brings a new experience to dentist.

Our Hot Sale Model  A3M-X(LAN Storage)

Customers love and sold out.

It supports the patient to lie back in the dental chair and watch x-rays

Dental clinic essentials

Promotion for new model with competitve price

Outside free clinic dedicated 

Portable Intraoral Camera

Storage photos permanently by SD card

Lithium battery power,check the teeth anytime, anywhere

Portable metal case, easy to carry

The demo machines was purchased by our customer directly


Promotion for new model with competitve price

What are you waiting for? Welcome to purchase!